Appium Inspector – Download and Install

Appium Inspector latest release - Github

Appium Inspector – Download and Install

Welcome to this new article in our “Appium Tutorial for Beginners” series. In this article, you will see the detailed steps on how you can download and install Appium Inspector tool.

Appium Inspector is basically just an Appium client with its own user interface. It is the GUI tool using which you can inspect elements in the mobile app that you are testing.

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Let us first get to the steps using which you can download and install Appium Inspector. Later in our tutorial series, we will have more detailed articles which explain functioning and usage of Appium Inspector.

Download Appium Inspector

Follow the steps given below to download the latest version of Appium Desktop Inspector –

1. Click on this link to open Appium Inspector Github Releases page

On this Github page, you will be able to see the latest release details (as on 30th July 2023, the latest release is 2023.7.1)

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Appium Inspector latest release - GithubAppium Inspector latest release - Github

2. Under Assets section, click on windows exe file to download and save it on your machine

With this, we complete the download process for Appium Inspector. Let us now install it on our machine.

Install Appium Inspector

Follow the steps given below to install this tool on your machine –

1. Open the folder location where you have downloaded the inspector tool and double click on the exe to start the installation process

2. Appium will first ask you Installation Options. Leave the already selected option as it is and then click on Install button

3. Once the installation process starts, you will see the Appium Setup window as displayed below

4. When the installation is completed, you will see the installation completed screen as shown below

Appium Inspector - Installation completedAppium Inspector - Installation completed

5. Now, leave the Run Appium Inspector option checked and then click on Finish button. Appium GUI window would open and it would look like this

Appium Inspector Main ScreenAppium Inspector Main Screen

With this, you have finished the download and installation process of Appium GUI Inspector tool. Head over to our Appium Tutorial page to check our the next articles where you will learn more about this tool and learn how you can use this tool to inspect elements in your mobile application



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